Dover r-Soles

Quick post as this cheered up an otherwise dull Sunday…

A motley bunch of fascists and racists from that rubbish program that was on channel four the other night held a demo in Dover – something to do with foreigners stealing all the pasta out of their leader’s kitchen cupboard or something – and it ended with utter embarrassment for the shelf-dusting scumbags.


The seagull-spotters managed to lose their banner, air-horns, their minibus was confiscated by the coppers and a couple of their bony heads made acquaintance with the pavement.

dover R soles

The SEA group were joined by the National Front, Scottish EDL and National Alliance. They all showed their street-ruling credetials by walking hand in hand with their police escort.

Of course the sad case Nazis – who so often describe anti-fascists as weak students – quickly posted up their excuse that they were heavily outnumbered. looks about 50-50 to me, you big cry-babies!

50 50

So, an utter embarrassment for the would-be fuhrers of the new far-right.

Well done to the young anti-fascists from the south and best of luck for the future.

Here’s two reports from Rabble website and EDL News website.

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  1. malatesta32 says:

    Alreet Sunderland Echoes!

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