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Not on our Manor! An appeal for information to stop David Irving’s fascist UK tour.

Originally posted on Wessex Solidarity:
Well-known fascist and bogus historian David ‘Berlin’ Irving is planning to tour the country promoting his racist books. Fixtures are planned for London, Southampton, Exeter and Bristol. See Indymedia here: Irving’s revisionist view of history…

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David Irving Holocaust Denier

Originally posted on North East Anti-Fascists:
David Irving David Irving is a leading Holocaust denier that once said that more people died in the back of Kennedy’s car then they did in that gas chamber. More info on him can…

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Holocaust denier Irving touring Britain this August

Originally posted on themarthamitchelleffect:
Notorious Holocaust-denier and disgraced ‘historian’ David Irving is to tour the UK this August, giving talks on one of his heroes, the SS chief Heinrich Himmler. Irving will be in Southampton (18 Aug), Exeter (20 Aug), Bristol (21…

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Sorry for the lack of content apart from re-blogs. I only got me phone atm and it takes too long to write owt.

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Anoldie but goodie from Mr Bone!

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Billy Bragg vs the South Bank Skateboarders

More support from outside the skater scene. Nice one!

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Billy Bragg Is A Knob, Ignore Him And Help Save The Southbank Undercroft

Originally posted on the void:
The Southbank Undercroft is one of the few remaining authentic spaces left in Central London.  Whilst the rest of the South Bank of the Thames evolved into a combination of over-priced restaurants and boring middle…

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