All Fired Up

Central Sunderland Fire Station is under  threat of closure after the Tyne and Wear Fire Authority voted to close it along with two other stations in the North East. Obviously this decision has been incredibly unpopular resulting in well supported campaigns and petitions to stop the closures.

Today about two hundred people marched from the Fire Station to a rally in Sunderland town centre to protest the closure.

The speakers included the local Labour MP and leader of the Labour Council yet it was Sunderland Labour Councillors on the Tyne and Wear Fire Authority who voted through the closures! This was pointed out by a local Green Party campaigner which resulted in some incredibly patronising  comments from the Council Leader.

Apparently, when Labour councillors are doing Fire Authority business they cease to be Labour Councillors and therefore it wasn’t Labour councillors who voted through the decision to close the Fire Station. If this duality of existence is achieved through quantum physics or some kind of transubstantiation that even the Pope would find hard to believe was not made clear.

Luckily the FBU had a good speaker who wasn’t just there to drum up votes for Labour. He spoke clearly about how the decisions to close fire stations literally costs lives, people lose their homes, businesses close down leading to job losses.

The FBU are one of the few remaining Unions prepared to stand up and fight but they need to be careful not to be lead by the donkeys in the TUC and Labour Party.

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