[Guest Post] Welcome to @NorthernAntifa

We are primarily part of the anti-fascist presence on Twitter as that was the reason we set up the account. We come from and fully support the militant, physical anti-fascist tradition.

We recognise that anti-fascism shouldn’t exist in a vacuum and instead should be part of a wider, working class movement.

We don’t want to stop fascism to protect the status quo, we want to create confidence and unity in our class so we can rid ourselves of the status quo.

Although we are all anarchists, we reject sectarianism and will work with and support all people fighting for working class emancipation across the UK and beyond. Having said that, we refuse to work with people who would sell us out to the authorities or try to impose their leadership upon us, no matter how ‘revolutionary’ they are.

We are also pretty normal folk (stop laughing) and we don’t care much for dry, theoretical naval gazing. We like music, art, sport and enjoying ourselves and this will also be reflected in our posts.

We aren’t an actual group off-line and we have no intentions of becoming one either. Some of us support groups, unions and organisations in a personal capacity but that’s our business.

Just to be clear, we aren’t part of the very popular “North East Anti-Fascists” page on facebook but we are supportive of them and regularly re-tweet their content.

We’ve teamed up with Sunderland Echoes as a way to lighten our load and to give ourselves a kick up the arse, resulting in a relaunch of sorts.

If you want to follow us please do so at @NorthernAntifa

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