[GUEST POST] National Front free to intimidate Journalists

**This has been supplied by a chap who has very kindly let us use his articles and photographs before. It describes his experiences in Newcastle on May 10th 2014 when the National Front held a national demonstration in the city centre. It makes for grim reading if you are at all interested in a free press. If you can ID the two people please let us know in the comments or let our comrades in North East Anti-Fascists on facebook and Northern Antifa on Twitter know as they are also trying to help. There will be another article about this demo following soon**

“I am a part-time, amateur journalist. It’s not my source of income but I take it seriously and I always try to be accurate even if it doesn’t serve my aims which are generally progressive, libertarian, for the little guy. Saturday, I went to cover the National Front demonstration in Newcastle. I spent the first half hour taking pictures and notes without incident.

As the demonstration grew larger I was suddenly confronted by this person. First he was asking to take my picture – which I told him he could do. Then he started trying to drag me into the crowd of NF protesters. At first I thought they were just messing about but this person really started being aggressive and then grabbed me. I managed to break away from him and told him in no uncertain terms to keep his hands to himself but then his mates started going for me too. I ended up having to back up into the road to escape.


This person assaulted me. His name may be Craig Owens (pic South Shields Gazette)

The police had done nothing up to this point and seemed happy for the NF to assault me. Eventually one Policeman came over but he told me to clear off, thinking I was a counter-protester, until I put him right and told him I was a journalist. His colleagues came over and I explained what had happened but they took no action and even allowed the NF to continue their tirade of abuse. I must have looked an easy target as I’m a small guy but I wasn’t intimidated and I continued to do my job. Oh and apparently, I’m not English any more.


This person threatened me in front of the police and yet they did nothing.

They also had a go at a photographer from another agency and threatened him. Neither of us were put off but it was clear the Police weren’t bothered about the NF’s behaviour and it was clear the NF are the fascists they appear to be.”

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6 Responses to [GUEST POST] National Front free to intimidate Journalists

  1. dave says:

    Craig Owens is an inbred cretin

  2. pea. says:

    so for someone who is all about reporting…..what was the demo about???

  3. jonathonproctor says:

    Infront of 3 cops one nf fucker tried to grab my camera then threatened to break my jaw while the police did fuck all

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  5. beastrabban says:

    Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    This piece by a guest writer for Sunderland Echoes describes how he was physically intimidated and nearly assaulted by the NF during their demonstration against Muslim paedophiles. the Fascist fringe a few years ago were trying to tone down their image as violent thugs in order to make themselves a bit more electable. Thus you had Nick Griffin of the BNP and the others presenting themselves as community politicians active in parish pump issues. The shows that the instincts for thuggery and violence is still very much present. Of course, it’s been there since the squadristi of Mussolini’s Fascists ran about Italy after the end of the First World War beating up Lefties and anyone else they didn’t like, and their open declaration in the Italian parliament that they stood for ‘violence as the decisive argument’. Which simply is a posh way of saying they stood for beating up people they didn’t like. It’s nearly a century later, and despite the attempts of the Fascists to change their image into something more middle class and respectable, it seems the old instincts still hold sway.

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