[GUEST POST] UKIP in Sunderland – No Rights for Pedestrians


Guest Post by ‘Sid2’

Sunderland people are voting in the St Anne’s ward by-election. The poll is due to the resignation of the last councillor, Labour’s Lisa Smiles. She got done for benefit fraud so she resigned rather than make the party push her. Great bunch aren’t they? I digress, instead of the usual rubbish of Labour/Tory/Liberal there is a new choice for the good people of St Anne’s ward – the loonies from UKIP!

Aileen Casey who lives just outside the ward in Springwell is the UKIP candidate. Now, I know the UKIPs are not very fond of those lazy, fat-cat, wasters in the Public Sector but that doesn’t stop this Kipper from taking the Public Sector shilling working for youth services.


UKIP are obviously not very fond of pedestrians judging by the way Casey ILLEGALLY blocks the pavement in her street with her daft car and trailer set-up. It doesn’t matter to UKIP if the pavement users are inconvenienced. Pavement users these days tend to be the young (child benefit), the elderly (state pensions, NHS drain) and the disabled (work-shy drain on the system) so as far as UKIP are concerned TO HELL WITH THEM!



****Editor’s note; as I’m in this ward this is very interesting to me. I personally would not vote at all today as it’s a waste of time. If you are in St Anne’s ward and you DO want to vote, I would definitely suggest Green candidate Emily Blyth who is a proud South Hylton lass.


**********just noticed the different reg plates on car and trailer isn’t that also ILLEGAL????

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