[GUEST POST] The poxy goons are returning again…

Submitted by ‘Nani’


On Saturday the 29th March 2014 the latest bunch of right-wing goons are coming to Sunderland to put everything right for us all. Are they going to save the NHS, end teenage unemployment, bring down the corrupt banks? No, they are going to have too many beers, a few lines of coke then stagger around Millfield like the bunch of total tools they are.

This time it’s two groups who split from the EDL because it was not being racist enough; the North East Infidels and Sunderland Defence League. They’ve called a ‘demo’ against  a mosque that is being illegally operated in St Marks Road but really it’s just another excuse for a day out for this strange mixture of haggard far right losers from the old days, some mid-life crisis types who think they’re teenagers again and some no-marks who think a pair of Sambas means they’re Danny fucking Dyer.


The mosque might be the official reason but the comments on their facebook pages suggest otherwise. The main targets seems to be ‘antifa’ and ‘leftys’ as well as anyone vaguely muslim-looking (i.e. not white). Since the term ‘antifa’ is simply an abbreviation of ‘anti-fascists’ anyone who doesn’t like fascism should assume they are a target of this bunch. Similarly, the term ‘lefty’ seems to mean anyone who disagrees with them. That’s an awful lot of people when you think about it. They used to describe everyone who disagreed with them as ‘UAF’ but since the UAF have all but vanished, I guess ‘antifa’ and ‘lefty’ are their new buzzwords.


ImageThe leaders of this bunch of sad-cases – none of them are from Sunderland – have been threatening the residents of the town for a few days now and in the same breath pretending they’re peaceful. Like all modern far-right groups, from the BNP and NF to the EDL and UKIP, they do not have the courage to admit their true views in public (though they have been caught out literally thousands of times on social media). They claim to be non-racist (not ANTI-racist) and non-violent as some kind of PR exercise and to avoid those pesky race-hate laws…they might have a few gullible souls convinced but that’s all.


So there you go, Sunderland; a bunch of prejudiced, bullying arseholes are coming to town to attack the residents and stir up trouble.

Some people are trying to organise against them, contact them via their facebook page

North East Anti-Fascists Facebook



****Editor’s note; I hope to report on this event on Saturday.



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