THIS is working class anti-fascism…

Taken from Urban 75 forums…

The Radio 4 program, A Rage in Dalston, was repeated on Radio 4 last year. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be available on the R4 online Archives. It is worth listening to if it is on again. It ended with one of the 43 Group members recalling how years later while on a Saturday night out with his wife, he recognised a former leading BUF activist on the same bus. He waited until the fascist went to the bus platform, then came up behind him, grabbed the handrails and swung both feet forcefully into the fash’s back, propelling him off the moving bus and leaving him in a crumpled heap in the road. His wife wasn’t amused!

When we were involved in weekly confrontations with the NF in Brick Lane in the mid-70s, a former 43 Group member, Joe G., would sometimes turn out with us. He was a big guy, but seemed old to us then, though he was probably only in his mid-fifties.
After one ‘political discussion’ with some fash, we could hear police sirens approaching. We started moving off, when Joe said to hang on a minute. He went back to the prone fash, and started booting one of them again! We had to go back and drag him away. When we regrouped in a pub, Joe pulled out his wallet with pictures of his grandchildren and told us we had to keep the world safe for kids like these. He said he liked us because we did what we said, unlike that Paul Holborrow who was all talk. The only thing was though that we should take iron bars and break their arms and legs next time!

Cheers to Tony C.

Here’s a link to a youtube video on the 43 Group

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