Animal Cruelty and Fascist Scum

IT has often been noted that the mindset of your average fascist is one of superiority, hatred and cruelty. While I prefer a political rather than psychological approach, a story I read yesterday made me think of the psychological attributes of fascists.

Here in Sunderland we’ve  got a poor record for animal welfare. This sky report details how some scum-bags went driving around, searching for prey for their dog; not in the woods or fields but in cul-de-sacs round the housing estates. Their dog attacked and killed a pet cat causing much distress to the owners.

The comments below the article were mostly sympathetic to the cat owners and strongly condemned the dog owners. Apart from two people – Ricca Henderson and Jonny Robb – who thought it was all hilarious. When you clicked on their Facebook pages, lo and behold one is an EDL member and the other supports the BNP.

ricca henderson bnp

jonny robb edlI’m not saying this is a universal correlation but I’m not surprised the gutless no-marks of the far-right – just like their Toff leaders – enjoy the cruelty of hunting for kicks.

Anyway, their Facebook walls were open when I last looked, give them a piece of your mind.

Ricca Henderson

Jonny Robb

We will support this demo for the footsoldiers who are arranging it. Stokes Croft is an area of Bristol infested with Commies and Anarchists who regularly boast online of burning police cars and Capitalist stores. A bunch of scum
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