Papering over the cracks – fake shopfronts

It looks like a new deli is opening in the town centre but it’s just another of the fake shop fronts appearing across the country.

Town centres are struggling to cope with the triple threat of the internet, out of town retail centres and the seemingly endless recession. Rather than address the causes of empty high streets, councils are literally papering over the problem with images designed to give the impression of a thriving business where there is none.

Another tactic is the ‘pop up’ shop where for a limited time a business can occupy a shop in town for a small rent.

Sky high rents and rates, streets empty of shoppers and a lack of disposable income isn’t going to be fixed by some pretty posters or a two week scented candle boutique.

While of course the root problem is the boom and bust nature of the ruthlessly competitive capitalist economy we live in, the shops should be left unwrapped, a reminder to everyone how the councillors, government and banks have left the working class to rot just like the empty shops.

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