Libraries closing in Sunderland

As expected, Labour are closing libraries in Sunderland. They say they have to save  £100 million quid in the next two years and since they’ve chopped all the staff they can it’s now services that are on the way out, starting with libraries.


Library staff were informed at the last minute when the council bosses heard the local paper were printing the story. This is typical and evidence of the underhand nature of the council. They never tell anyone anything until as late in the day a possible to prevent any kind of organised response. Where the unions are is anyone’s guess – probably having a free trip somewhere for a conference.


Meanwhile chief exec Call-Me-Dave Smith is raking in just under quarter of a million quid a year. No doubt he is ably supported by a whole team on similar amounts. How about sacrificing your wages? Plenty of your staff manage on 10 -20 grand a year so I’m sure you top people can.

Perhaps the elected councillors could show real community spirit and give up their allowances too? Surely they don’t do it for the money?

There are more details here in the utterly abysmal local rag.

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