Greens aren’t good for you

So the Greens get control of a council and it doesn’t take long before there is almighty hell breaking out. There was some carry-on with making the crews stop eating meat for their bait which got voted out and now the bin men are being screwed out of up to 4 grand a year by the Green council.

bin men strike

So, quite rightly, the bin men go on strike for a couple of days and then work to rule – they stopped doing all the stuff they don’t really have to do such as picking up all the extra crap people dump next to their wheelie bins.

bin men strike solidarity

How does the progressive Green coucnil respond? By bringing in scab labour on the sly. They really are totally destroying any reputation as a progressive party with this crap. Some people have voted Green because they always seemed the only party offering truly progressive, even socialist politics. Not now, that’s them out the fucking window with all the rest. Power corrupts doesn’t it.

bin men strike gull

My Dad was a bin man for about 30 years, it a tough, dangerous, endless and thankless task which wears the body out over the years. You get paid peanuts and work unsocial hours and you end up stinking of the filth you sorting out day after day. I think everyone should support the bin men and the Greens need to sort themselves out before they get recycled themselves.

More info from GMB

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