Saturday is Grief Vulture Day

On Saturday the EDL are laying wreaths on local war memorials across the country. This disgusting hi-jacking of the death of Lee Rigby is a low blow even for them.

They are cynically trying to exploit the groundswell of emotion attached to the Woolwich killing to gain followers and appear normalised.

Don’t fall for it. What they say has no resemblance to the way they act. They are still a bunch of tories, racists and fascists. They are bullies with a long track record of violent, racist assaults.

You don’t even need to take my word for it. Lee Rigby’s regiment have told the EDL they aren’t wanted and Help For Heroes have told them to get lost.

So the EDL have no right to associate their name with the armed forces and especially not Lee Rigby.

Never forget, the EDL are scum who work to divide normal working class people and turn them against each other. In these hard times the last thing we need is to be divided.

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